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We're a family owned cleaning business that specializes in residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. We take pride in our work and the old fashioned customer service that we give each and every one of our clients.

Our promise to you is that you'll be absolutely thrilled with the level of cleaning we provide and the service experience that you'll receive as well. Our goal is long term relationships with each of our clients. We don't want to only work with you once, we want to be your carpet cleaning company for life. We stand behind our work and you can read what some of our clients have said about us below.

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Our Services

Carpet Cleaning


If you're looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company who will treat your home with respect and stand behind their work you've come to the right place. Our carpet cleaning process includes: pre-vacuuming, pre-spotting, pre-conditioning, agitation(when needed), fresh water rinsing, post spotting, speed drying, and carpet grooming. For many years we've been perfecting our craft to provide the best carpet cleaning possible.

After we've finished cleaning, we highly recommend having us apply a carpet protector to keep your carpet cleaner longer. Our carpet protect creates an invisible shield that protects the fibers from soil abrasion and makes it harder for liquids to penetrate to damage the carpet's dye sites. We can move light furniture when needed but we will not move anything with breakables or electronics on it. This is for the safety of your belongings and to ensure our technicians stay injury free. Major carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet cleaned annually to keep up with their warranty. While we acknowledge the warranty as being a great reason for cleaning. We believe that there is a more important reason to having your carpet cleaned, and that is for your health.

Upholstery Cleaning


Many people aren't aware that the upholstery in your home can be professionally cleaned. The fabric on upholstery is very thin so that means it is more susceptible to soils and staining from body oils. We carry special cleaning solutions that are safe for all family members, including your furry loved ones. Upholstery and other furniture are often the most neglected items when it comes to cleaning. For home maintenance, a good vacuuming with a brush attachment helps to remove the dust and soil that settles on and into the fabric. If you want to see how soiled you upholstery is, take a clean white terry towel and place it over your vacuum attachment hose. Be sure to firmly grip it so that it doesn't get sucked into the vacuum. While the vacuum is running and the white terry towel firmly grasped, run it over the arms, seats, and back of your upholstery. If it leaves a dark ring on the towel it is a good sign to have it professionally cleaned. Upholstery fabric is thin and can require special cleaning agents to properly clean the fabric so that it doesn't become damaged. We can clean everything from common microfiber to more fine fabrics such as cotton. We recommend having your upholstery cleaned regularly to keep up with appearance and for better indoor air quality.

Pet Odor Removal


We think it is safe to say that our pets become family and some people may even call them their furry loved ones. We have a few clients that even call them their furry children. No matter what the name may be, we can't help but love them. However there are times where we may not love what they do to our furniture, belongings, and carpet; especially when it comes to pet urine. It can be aggravating, smelly, and downright not very healthy for the living environment when our pets have those messes. Over the years, many store bought products have came up that claim to deal with urine odor and other bad odor issues.

We offer two different pet odor removal methods. The first is a topical treatment where we use a safe professional strength product that actually digests the odor causing bacteria. We use our sub surface extraction tool to flush the pet damaged area thoroughly to remove it from both the carpet and the pad. In some cases, a pet may have marked an area multiple times and now there is damage to the subfloor. In those cases, we'll disengage the carpet, remove the damage pad, treat and seal the subfloor, reinstall new pad, and clean both the front and back of the carpet. This process is called a restorative process and it allows us to guarantee pet odor removal from the carpet.

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